Project Team

The CoA Project touches many stakeholders throughout the University.  As such, the project team is comprised of many individuals offering perspective and subject matter expertise to the project.  The team meets regularly to ensure progress of the project objectives and overall schedule.  There is also a subgroup that oversees communication and outreach to stakeholders outside the project team.

The Executive Sponsors formally approved the project proposal and monitor progress of the project at a very high level.  They have the overall authority to approve/reject any portion of the project.

The Project Owners are accountable to the Executive Sponsors for delivery of the project.  They provide regular decision making and direction for the project and ensure that the necessary resources are included in the project team.

The Senior Leaders have an important perspective and stake in the success of the project.  They provide guidance and direction for overall project objectives.

The Project Manager is responsible for project execution including management of the project team, directing reviews of project milestones, monitoring and maintaining the project schedule, and reporting status and issues as they arise.

Project Team members are subject matter experts in their respective areas.  They provide important input and help facilitate implementation of the technical and functional solutions.



To contact the Project Team, please email [email protected].